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Omaha Paintless Dent Repair

As fellow car enthusiasts, we know the desire to have a perfectly maintained vehicle. Our passion is getting cars back to the pristine condition they are meant to be in. If your car has sustained hail damage or has dents, our team at Omaha PDR will repair your vehicle to like-new condition at a lower cost than auto body repair shops in the Omaha area.
This is more than a job, it’s our craft.

Don’t Cover It, Fix It

Paintless dent repair does something no other dent removal method can claim. Instead of covering up dents and hail damage, it eliminates them. For the best hail damage repair in Omaha, NE, choose our team at Omaha Paintless Dent Repair.

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value

By avoiding the use of paint in the dent repair process, the resale value of your vehicle won’t take a hit.

Fast, Affordable Dent Repair

Get the best of both worlds! Paintless dent repair is a highly affordable alternative to standard body shop work, and we can get your car back to you within a day or two in many situations.

Why Choose Omaha PDR?

At Omaha PDR, we offer high-quality paintless dent repair services in Omaha, NE, and surrounding areas. To us, paintless dent removal is more of an art than a job. We repair dents of all types ranging from door dings to hail damage and will work to remove dents on any area of your vehicle.

We use the most current paintless dent repair techniques to repair the damage done to your car while maintaining its value by avoiding any alterations to the original paint. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality dent repair service in Omaha and staying current with paintless dent repair technology and repair methods to make sure that we continue to do our work at the highest level.

We provide a faster, more affordable hail damage and dent repair solution than auto body shops in the area. Repairs are often completed the same day, and our efficiency in repairing dents allows us to offer our services at a lower rate. And we’re willing to go above and beyond for you. If you’re unable to come to us, we’re willing to travel to your home or business to make the repair.

A photo of a dent on a car


Omaha Paintless Dent Repair Over Traditional Methods


For those who take pride in their vehicle, Omaha Paintless Dent Repair is your repair solution.